Filmmaking Resources

The following information comes from the Portland Kids’ Film Festival.

You Can Do It!

These days it is easier than ever to make a movie!  Many filmmaking tools that may have been hard to come by in the past are now commonly available on cell phones, computers, iPads and the like.  Below are some links and resources to help you get started.

Some Basics on How to Make a Movie

Here are a few websites that show some basic steps in filmmaking:

  • Vimeo Video SchoolLots of movie making tutorials for beginners and experts.

  • CoolspottersMovie guide for kids. Lots of helpful links.

  • Kids VidTips about scripting, shooting, editing and showing your film.

Movie Editing Software

Movie making software often comes with your computer or can be downloaded easily. There are lots of products out there and tutorials on how to use them. Below are links to programs that you can buy or download for free.

Sources of Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects

Many of these sites offer public domain or royalty free music at no cost. There are many others out there. Remember, each song may have its own requirements of how you can use it and how you should list it in your credits.

Stop Motion Animation

Animating  is fun and easier than you might think!

Animation Software

In addition to basic movie editing software, there are tons of free or low cost programs for making animated movies. Here are a few examples for various platforms. Apple and Android app stores offer many more.