2016 5th and under Finalists


3rd PLACE: Girls On Deck By Riley Pan


WINNER: Behind The Rocks By Maia Costea


10' In The Air By Naisha and Dhyaani


2nd PLACE: Teen Chick By Maia and Carla Costea


The Secret Life Of Alli By Kären Rindal

2016 5th and under Honorable Mentions

And Now for Our Feature Presentations By Madison Armstrong


An Underwater Adventure By Juliet Reichardt


Noe Valley Girls Bake Sale By April Prince


Fortune Teller By Carla Costea


Awesome Mask By Gia Anastasio, Marisa Anastasio, Penelope Cheun-Tolley, Aria Paul and Cassie 

2016 6th-8th Finalists



3rd PLACE: Worm By Phoebe Milvy-Soloff


Creep-y Ghost By AnnaBella Vaca


WINNER: Plastic Documentary By Ellie Lerner and Eloise Brotzman


Pinky Spinky Perfume By Hannah Tawadrous 


2nd PLACE: Rock Bottom By Maddie Oesterer, Aya Troyerv, Rachel Kim, Fiona English, and Jiana Jacobs Simenauer

2016 6th-8th Honorable Mentions


Day Street Park By Annie Orzen


13 By Kayla Wong Leah Wedman Madeline Wilson Freya Brandvik


The Secret Life of Shoes By Isabella Weaver, Helen Smith, Jillian Hamann, and Jeanne Weaver


Human Rights Award


I Am a Girl By Ellie Lerner and Sophie Anderson