Please note that this is only a small selection of the 44 films we have received. Many we aren't able to request a download because our judges haven't finished judging yet.


They Said, but By Marie Lambiase, Rauliz Paez, Rebecca Unubun, Rebecca Vu, Sophia Quigley, Tiffany Cespedes, Yeison DeLeon

"Why we don’t listen to naysayers."

Made by a team of 7th and 8th Graders from Lynn, MA

Human By AnnaBella Vaca

Age 14

    The Coolest Magician By Isabel Ismail, Riya Shenoy, and Subeen Park

    "The film is a story of a kind-hearted Magician. He helps people and animals. Of course, there are times when his magic back-fires on him. But that doesn't stop him from using his magic to help others :) "

    ‘The Coolest Magician’, is a short Cut-Out Animation film created by a team of three young Grade 2 & 3 (8, 9 year olds) animators.

    Pomirenjie (Conciliation) By Isabela Franolić, Antonija Šuker, Ema Franolić, and Simona Vargek 

    "Older sister bother younger and this ends in quarrel. However, with a delicious piece of cake, conciliation is here.

    Ages 12, 13 and 14, Croatia

    Did You Know Edmonton Oil Kings Hockey Special By  Sabrina

    "Sabrina gets to learn all about the Edmonton Oil Kings Hockey in a Did You Know special."

    Coincidence By Ella Warner

    "This short film is about a girl, who sees a boy in many places, but he is a strong distraction for the girl to focus on her homework. Will she choose the homework? or the boy?"

    Sherman Oaks, California , Age 11

    Acceptance By Ella Warner

    "This short film is about a little girl, my best friend - Bella, who has Downs Syndrome, and sometimes people don't understand why she is a little different. But, maybe after they see this , they will learn that everyone is the same. Bella too."

    Sherman Oaks, California , Age 11